When is Raksha Bandhan?

When is Raksha Bandhan

Festivals are the way of celebration in which people get together in India. These festivals have an important role because they flourish positive values and prevails the cooperation with each other. In India, many positive days celebrated with a lot of enthusiasts and spirit, and Raksha Bandhan is one of them.

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Raksha Bandhan knowns by many names like Vish Trak, the destroy of venom, and many more. According to Hindu lunisolar calendrer, Rakhi falls on the complete moon of August. All Hindus celebrate this special day across the world, for example, Nepal, India, and some Pakistan areas. The rituals can differ from one area to another but have the same theme overall.


Raksha Bandhan has a different name all over India and celebrates differently as well, but it is a bit different. This day celebrates in different ways among the people who follow Hindu regions. Besides, it is a day that observes the duty and love between the sweet relation of a sibling. Several ways related to the Raksha Bandhan celebration.


Importance of Raksha Bandhan:


Raksha Bandhan is a special day that expresses too much love, respect, and protection. The day celebrated between siblings, and they show their love and affection that they feel for each other. Sisters tie a beautiful Rakhi to her younger or elder brother and then get some presents from her. Both pray for well-being relations and brother promise for her safety from evil things.

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But at some places, people tie Rakhi to their friends for showing their love, and they want to tell how much they have importance in their lives. But if you go in its history, you will find that Rakhi doesn’t relate to affection and safety among siblings. The Raksha Bandhan is associated with the story of Indrani in which a group of Indrani ties him a sacred thread on wrist for the protection against demons.


So, the story expresses that Rakhi used for protection against evil things. But it doesn’t mean that it is to bring close to the Hindu and Muslims after the struggling war of independence in India. Rabindranath Tagore explains Rakhi for bringing brotherhood and harmony between two different religions.


When Raksha Bandhan is Celebrated?


Raksha Bandhan always celebrates in August on full moon day by Hindu Calendar. Several other festivals celebrated on this special day among different communities among the people of India. There are following other festivals and rituals that celebrate on this day all over India.

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Avani Avattam is celebrated by Brahmin communities, and they exchange a sacred thread that is known as janeu. On this day, they pray with their ancestors for the pardon of their sins, and they also thank them for providing teaching.


Kajri Pumima is celebrated in central and north of India, and this is the day when farmers and mothers pray from their Goddess Bhagwati for their good crops and well-being their sons as well.


Paitropana is the devotee of Shiva, and they make a thread with the mixture of panchgaivva. In the coastal area of west India, the fishermen rejoice this day by providing coconut to the sea god.


Is There a Public Holiday on Raksha Bandhan?


There is an option for a holiday on the day of Raksha Bandhan. In India, holidays law and employment allow workers to pick the number of holidays in the list of optional holidays. Some workers may select the off on this day, but most businesses and officers keep on open.


How Celebrates this Day?


Before few days starting from Raksha Bandhan, sisters with love go from one place to another for buying a unique Rakhi for her sweet brothers. They buy other things that are essential for this day like Roli chawal, coconut, and pooja thali. On the other hand, the brothers bring some beautiful gifts for their sweet sisters.


On Raksha Bandhan day, every family member wakes up early in the morning and take-bath because they become ready for this day with full enthusiast. After refreshing, they perform their puja and do aarti of their Gods. The sisters put on a teeka of roli and chawal on their brother’s forehead. After this, they tie Rakhi and offer some sweets to eat for their brother. Brothers offer their buying gifts, and they do meals together.


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