When is National Friendship Day?

When is National Friendship Day?

Take your smartphone, kick of bike, or hit the play station for the sake of old times because it is sweet memories National friendship day. The day when friends from all over the world show some appreciation feeling with each other and recollect your old memories when you were the best bud.


Whether you show your feeling by sending a gift of safety glasses, a small card with a beautiful message over it, go and see your bud, or even create a collage photo gallery on Facebook. But keep in mind one thing that it is the day for everyone to celebrate this day because no one can live without best friends in their lives. The day that celebrates on 2nd August in the importance of loving relationships because friendship day is the purest human relationship.


Since we all are celebrating the strength of this friendship more than a century. In this digital era, thanks to social media, everyone is celebrating this day no matter where they are in the world corner.

Origination of the Friendship Day:

Origination of the Friendship Day












Humans are the most social creature on the earth, and we need others for psychological motives. So, it is not surprising that we all celebrate this national day for the importance of friendship and get a day holiday in this honor.

Friendship day was at the beginning of Hallmark Cards in 1930. Joyce Hall chose the day 2nd August and decided to celebrate this day for those people who are very close to each other. After this, this day continually gained popularity, and on 30th July 2011, the United nation declared it a friendship day.

Activities that You Can Perform on National Friendship day:

Activities that You Can Perform on National Friendship day











1. Say thanks:

Begin your day with thanks to your friend, who have a special place in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small group of friends or large friend circles, but the most important thing is your friends that they are in your life.

Say thanks












2. Share Your Friendship Stories on Social Media:

The best part that no one can ignore, you can never be alone in the presence of friends. Now in this digital era, you can send a thankful message to your friends with a single click because your friends are away from you with one text. Share your beautiful memories on social media and recall some old memories when you have a pure friend circle.

Share Your Friendship Stories on Social Media












3. Spend Your Maximum Time with Your Friend:

There is no best way to celebrate this National Friendship day that you spend your precious time with your buds. Go together on an outing, cook something special for each other, How Do Safety Glasses Work? do long video calls, play online with your friends, or go to your friend’s home and celebrate your beautiful memories.

Spend Your Maximum Time with Your Friend











Some Facts about National Friendship Day:

  • The Bible encourages friendship because this is the base of trust, faith, teamwork, and companionship.
  • There are several anthems for the celebration of friendship day because friends are the most precious relation in the world after your blood relations.
  • There are many countries of Asia like Malaysia, China, and India have accepted the honor of friendship in the 1950s.
  • Friendship day is not the day for the people of the same races, but it is a day to celebrate your new friendship with other age groups, nationalism, religions, and races. By doing this, you will build powerful communities because the world is become a global village because of a high-tech world.
  • Yellow color represents friendship day because this is the happiest and brightest color for the representation of healthy relationships that never end in your lives.

Some Facts about National Friendship Day











Why You Should Love Friendship Day?

Like other human relations, friendship can go by all difficulties because we all have different thinking, and we can make it a stronger relationship. If you have a relationship, National Girlfriends Day, make it stronger in the future. Unity brings strength, and it is not embarrassing to accept it because no one can fight alone from all difficulties.

Why You Should Love Friendship Day












Suppose you are down in your life; your friend is the only way that you can share with him your feelings, and they can better motivate you. Besides, you always met with a different group of people who have some unique background, introduce to each other and come close with each other and make a strong bond in the shape of friendship that no one can break it.

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