When is Black Friday

When is Black Friday?

Friday is the bright day of the week or the happiest day of the week because it is the end of the weekend after long and hectic working days. Many people wait until to end of their working days and look on Friday night for the fun.

In 2020, Black Friday will happen with a lot of amusement and promotions on favorite products around the world. Black Friday has become the biggest shopping day in the U.S and other world countries.

All of the retailers cut costs to the original price of the products even on shopping for Glasses online and other products like tablets, smartphones, computers, and a lot of other products.

So, black Friday means a different thing that originated from many decades before. Now people want to know when 2020 Black Friday will happen and how it is far away.

2020 Black Friday: 

It’s not wondering that Black Friday will occur in 2020 with a full swing, and this year, it is going to happen on 27th November of Friday. This day falls after Thanksgiving in the U.S. Here are a few myths about Black Friday, and you will surprise to read them.

One is about Black Friday is the day when most of the main retailers get a profit of this year and that is the reason behind calling it Black because all holiday shopping starts from this day.

Another major myth is the Black Friday was originated in the 19th century in which people buy slaves on Friday after Thanksgiving at some markdown. Many people boycott this day for shopping because of this myth, but thankfully after a long discussion, it was disapproved.

History of Black Friday:

Now, with the name of Black Friday, just one thing comes in mind, and that is Holiday shopping. But according to history, Black Friday was the first time used by Philadelphia while in the 950s.

While in this period, Army-Navy football game that annually held and they decided to hold in this city after thanksgiving. Moreover, on this day before having the game of big Army-navy, Philadelphia police dealt with the large number of tourists who came to the city to enjoy the game after the next day.

Most of the tourists spend their maximum time in the shopping from the store, and it means the police had to deal with a ton of crowds in all these shopping locations along with shopping lifters as well.

After all, police started to call this day an annual crush of the people and thieves in this Black Friday. The Black Friday was started by the Philadelphia until 980s and around the world,

U.S retailers started to use this myth in the upgrading of their business sale and got a lot of profit on that specific shopping date. From that day, Black Friday was not used in the wrong sense, but it was the happiest day in which both retailers and shoppers celebrate this day that starts with the holiday.

But originally Black Friday was used for the shopping in 2000s and since that many countries have adopted this change in the shopping field.

Can store close on 2020 Thanksgiving?

From a few years ago, most of the offline stores in the U.S closed their doors on Thanksgiving, and they opened very early on the next day that started with the name of Black Friday sales.

But recently, most of the retailers opened their stores on Thanksgiving to promoting their holiday’s sale. Besides, most of the retailers launch Black Friday with a cut-price on online products even before thanksgiving days.

But due to the outbreaks of the coronavirus, main stores have shut their doors on Thanksgiving in the U.S after a long period. According to the report that Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will close their doors on Thanksgiving in 2020.

But there are no words to say that stores will remain open on that day or not in 2020. Some other retailers that will shut their doors on Thanksgiving are including Costco, Apple stores, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

Well, Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many U.S states keep off on Thanksgiving for their employees. So, it becomes a lucky four-days weekend. Now in this 2020-year, Black Friday will fall on 27th November, but this time you may miss it.

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