What Lens Tint is the Right Choice for a Bright Day?

Many people pick different lens tints for their sunny shades for an appealing reason. For example, Wiley X Rogue has polarized lenses that can use for cutting glare and offer 100% protection.

But all lens tints have an individual specialty and therefore use them for different activities. Most people are not aware of different lens tints, but they use it for an appealing purpose. But tint helps for depth perception and decrease eyestrain in certain environments.

Some sunny shades like brown, green, black, or gray colors are the best choice that can use in bright sunlight. Below here is the list of different colors with their features and keep in mind these qualities when you go on shopping.

Different Lenses Tint with Certain Characteristics:

Lenses Tint












A green tint is a good option for using its general purpose and help in color perception as well. Moreover, this tint helps to reduce glare and provide bright shadows. The green color is an ideal choice for low lightening conditions like cloudy weather.

It doesn’t enhance contrast but gives a better perception. Besides, green tint is good for bright days because decrease glare and filter out another light.

  • Brown/Amber is a better choice for routines activity. It helps in enhancing contrast and red element to improve depth perception.
  • Yellow tint provides excellent clarity in hazy weather, fog, or other low-light conditions. Moreover, it filters out blue light that produces through digital devices and leads to headaches and eyestrain as well.
  • Purple/blue lenses have an appealing look along with decrease glare and are suitable for color acuity. Besides, if you pair blue lenses with copper or bronze, they will reduce glare in the bright daylight.
  • Black/Grey lens tints use for general purposes because they can reduce eye fatigue along with minimizing harmful glare. Their best use in water sports and black tint helps in light reduction.
  • Pink/Red colors help in reducing eye strain and increase road visibility with the highest amount of contrast.

Polarized Lenses:

Polarized Lenses












If you like to play in the water or over snow surface and want to decrease glare even in the bright sunlight. So, Wiley X Rogue sunglasses can be a good option because of polarized lenses. The chief purpose of Contact Lenses to eradicate glare so that you can get a clear view.

It means that these lenses are favorite for water activities or sports. Moreover, these lenses are favorite for those people who want to get rid of glare for enthusiasts of water sports. It is also helpful for those people who don’t want to face glare in a day by day glare in bright sunlight. Besides, the lenses filter out reflected light that produces from a horizontal surface like snow, water, or car headlights.

Shopping Hacks for Color Tints:

Color Tints












If you have sunglasses for combating the bright days but what about cloudy days. So, you may need two pairs of eyewear for different situations. Some Sunny Wear is available in interchangeable lenses. Besides, there is a customization option for a different purpose. For these reasons, photochromic lenses are the best choice because they tend to switch their shade automatically.

They are light-sensitive lens that becomes dark when they get a high amount of light and become clear when no light appears. They are available in a variety of tints like gray, green, and brown. No matter what shade you chose, you should consider anti-reflect coating because it will help in eliminating glare. But before buying such kind of lenses, a comprehensive eye exam is essential for clearing eyesight.

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