Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

What Is The Difference Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

It’s no secret that immersive technology is the next big thing. Countless tech blogs discuss use cases of AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality). Both technologies offer a thorough digital experience. But does this mean they’re both the same? If not, then how unique are they from each other? Is one better than the other? How will each of them change the future? If you’re looking for these answers then you’re in the right place. This article aims to give you a ‘reality check’ by giving you a brief overview of both. So without any further ado, lets’ dive into it.

Virtual Reality

VR intends to isolate the viewer from reality, encircling their view in a 360-degree angle. It allows you to explore dimensions within that reality. You can even complement the sensory experience with other accessories. For instance, a mask that emulates the smell within the reality of virtual experience. It’s up to the scientists to take this technology to a whole new level. In short, VR is the epitome of immersiveness. Examples of VR gear include the Oculus Rift & Samsung Gear VR among others.

Augmented Reality

AR is another powerful digital experience. It incorporates filters or masks of images, videos or instances of holography. AR adds the digital objects within the reality we live in. Thus, offering the user the best experience of both worlds. AR is evolving into a useful phenomenon at a swift pace. We’ve already witnessing wearable technologies use AR. A good example would be Google Glass. Who knows, we could witness AR in bi-focal safety glasses such as 3M Nuvo Readers. AR allows us to interact with the digital content while staying in our reality. This makes it very exciting.

How Similar Are They?

They both allow users to experience the best of what digital content has to offer. Soon enough they will become part of mainstream technologies. This is why they both need to deliver the most immersive and engaging content possible. Will one become more popular than the other? Only time could tell. Tech giants like Apple & Google are pushing developers to make more AR & VR apps. Needless to say, both technologies need to deliver great content to stay relevant.

What Differentiates Them?

Both are quite different when it comes to their objectives. VR is a completely different experience, completely altering your reality. It has the potential to engage with our somatosensory system as shown in ‘The Matrix’. It lets your imagination roam free. Movies can become a subject of VR immersion. Entertainment will become more enticing than ever.

AR serves a more functional version. It doesn’t completely let us disintegrate from our reality. With AR, the possibilities are endless. Companies can train their employees. People can navigate maps with ease more than ever. AR will play a huge factor in how effective wearable technologies can be. AR can become a gateway for people to do more in their lives.

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