What are the Five Basic Steps to Meditate

What are the Five Basic Steps to Meditate?

Since meditation is an old activity that is followed by different cultures and religions. But meditation has a huge range of techniques that have been developed and combined over the years. Today, many books and articles have been written on meditation.

So, meditation is a mindset, or still, it is mediation. Be careful, Save Money, remove your because they can create hurdles in your meditation. Below here are some basic steps of meditation that you must follow if you are serious about this.

Location for Meditation:

Location for Meditation












There should be a spot for meditation free from any disturbance. So that you could feel comfortable and peaceful at that location. If you have a peaceful bedroom, it is probably the safest place for your meditation.

After finalizing your meditation location, clean that place for a peaceful starting. Remove all clutter if lying around that place. Place some fresh flowers, candles, or rocks for natural effect if you are starting meditation inside your bedroom.

Many people consider a bedroom just for sleep, not for other purposes. But the bedroom is essential because of two reasons,

  • One, you spend most of the time throughout your life in a bedroom
  • Second, an important decision and planning are made here.

Sit in A Relaxed and Calm Position:

Sit in A Relaxed and Calm Position












Several recommendations are her about sitting position in meditation like sitting on a cushion, lotus position, Improve Eyesight or many more. While there is good intension behind each sitting in meditation and most of them are to make the process a hassle.

But crossed legs or sit on chairs are the best options in mediation at all. These positions are easy and comfortable because you find no issue by adopting these positions. But you can find the most suitable position with which you are comfortable even sitting on a chair is well.

Indeed, it is a perfect position for you if you are not comfortable in crossed legs position because your feet become numbness. Whatever the spot you choose for yourself, sit erect for the smooth flow of energy. But don’t go with the lying situation in meditation because it normally induces to sleep as opposed to state pf awareness.

Clear Your Mind:

Clear Your Mind












Make free of mind from all thinking and let free yourself, take a few slow breaths. Defocus and gazing eyes softly in the middle of distance. While in the breathing process, breathe through the nose and breath out through the nose.

But in the last exhalation, close your eyes. To become aware of your breath, follow to rising and fall of sensation without any movement, and silently count your breath. For eyes safety, you must go with the safety eyewear corporate program because body fitness is essential along with eyes health.

Sit Silently and Observe:

Sit Silently and Observe












Well, sit back silently, and observe your inner mind playing, allow them to float. What are you feeling, and what are you thinking? Observe all processes and don’t be engaged in this situation? Most people think during meditation and force themselves not to think and block out all thoughts.

It is the opposite. Don’t stop all processes and allow your brain to think, but don’t become a part of these thinking. You have to role play as a passive observer, and you have to observe all situations in the back of your head.

For example, a sudden through come in your mind like you need to buy grocery items tomorrow or today, such as thoughts will come in your mind. But if you react for this thought like annoyed feeling come in to purchase grocery items, or you think about all those items or at what time you will go to buy.

Don’t fight with your thinking and not to engage yourself, simply you have to observe all thinking flow.  One way of breaking focus is to start counting and reach 10, and each time recounts it when you feel deviate.

End of Your Meditation:

End of Your Meditation












When you start to end of your meditation, slowly come in the physical state. Make sure about the presence of the physical body, and it can take this time 15-30 seconds or more time you think you need to stop this. Slowly open your eyes and get agreed with your around.

Don’t open your eyes immediately and try to start your physical activity.  Before starting your physical activity, Look More Attractive, you should sit on your place in mediation and reflect upon all feelings, thoughts, or imagery that came during meditation. You may need to express gratitude about all those that you enjoy in your life.

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