Secretly Monitor Your Targeted Viber Screen Recording Software

Viber Screen Recording Software

These days, people spend more time with their mobile phones instead of their families. They use instant messaging applications to connect with their friends and strangers as well. Viber is a popular app that can be easily installed on android, iOS, and other operating systems. It allows people to make free audio and video calls, send text messages, exchange media, stickers, emojis, and much more.


The majority of people think that Viber is a secure platform, so there’s no need to monitor it, but, it’s not true. If your husband or children invest most of their time on this app, then it is your right to know about what they are doing.


As an employer, if your workers use Viber for work-related purposes, you should also track their devices to ensure they are not cheating on you and not wasting time.


If you want to monitor the Viber messenger of your targeted person’s phone remotely, then you can rely on the OgyMogy Viber screen recording tool. It is advanced software that enables you to spy on each and every Viber activity such as text messages, audio, and video calls, location sharing, stickers, emoticons, and much more.


You can easily know about what’s happening in your dear ones and employees’ lives. The great thing is that it works secretly, so your targeted user won’t be able to know that you are tracking him/her.


Why People Love Viber?

This free social media application was introduced in 2010. It offers its users numerous free services such as transfer audio and video messages, documents, pictures, videos, text messages, and location. Over the years, it has earned so much admiration. According to stats, in just January 2019, more than 260 million people registered on it.


Why Should You Monitor Viber Screen of Your Targeted Person’s Phone?

Do you feel left behind because your husband or children spend most of their time on Viber to communicate with their peers? Are you interested in knowing about what your workers are up to on this platform? If you want to spy on their activities secretly and remotely, the only solution to your problem is the use of Viber screen recorder.


It is a powerful tool that allows you to get information about all the activities on the messenger running on your targeted user’s smartphone.  When the person will activate his Viber app, you will be able to record 1-minute short video clips of his phone’s screen till the time he logs out.


You can view their contacts, Viber chats and conversations, exact date and time schedule of all the calls and chats, video and audio call records, and messenger logs as well.


How to Run the Viber Screen Recorder?

At first, you must install it on your targeted user’s android device. After installation, you need to check the control panel of the software and activate the Viber screen recording function.


Once you will enable this feature, the tool will automatically start capturing short videos of the phone’s Viber screen even in your absence. It makes you able to get your hands on what you are looking for.


Is Viber Screen Recorder Useful?

Since Viber has come into existence, both adults and children have started to register their accounts on it. It is more famous among teens and young kids, and they are the ones that spend an excessive amount of time on this platform. Just like other social media apps, Viber is also dangerous for kids.


They can become the victims of stalkers, blackmailers, and pranksters.  So, if you are worried about their safety and wellbeing, then make sure to track their activities with screen recording software. It can support you to protect your children from the potential digital harms and get rid of your fears.


As a partner, you can also get benefit from it by catching your cheating husband/wife. Entrepreneurs can also use it to detect fishy and time-wasting activities during office hours.



OgyMogy Viber screen recording software is a reliable solution for all the worried parents, spouses, and entrepreneurs. If you want to enjoy full control and mental peace, you should grab it immediately.

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