Top 5 Billionaires in the World

Top 5 Billionaires in the World

There are two extremes in this world. The poor and the richest. The richest are the billionaires of the globe. They are responsible for the economic flow. They are covering most of the economic indicators in order to keep things in the best way possible. Here is a list of World’s Billionaires who are serving in various spheres. These few individuals own most of the world’s wealth in their possession. Here are the top-rated names in this regard.

1. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man alive on the planet. He has acquired this prestige to be nominated as the wealthiest man alive for the third time consecutively. The shares of Amazons are rising and just rising. The total net worth of Jeff Bezos is $ 116.5 Billion despite the fact that he had a divorce last summer. It was the most expensive divorce in the history of mankind.

He had to give $ 36 Billion to his wife as a settlement of the divorce. The stocks of Amazon are rising with the passage of time. Initially, it was about books but today from gadgets to the Eyeglasses Online, all the things are available on Amazon. Since 1998 it has been witnessing uplift in the stocks. A 15% rise in the stocks was witnessed in 2019. Jeff Bezos continues to expand his business throughout the globe withstanding 1 lac employees and work from home employees as well.

2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates remains the second richest person on the planet. Bill Gates is co-founder of Microsoft. Is net worth is $99.9 Billion. He has been present in the list of multi-billionaires for quite a long time. He has been aiding in various other humanitarian spheres as well. Bill Gates organizations have a key role when it comes to the philanthropic role all over the globe. The same is happening at the moment.

Bill Gates Foundation is working at its best in order to get along with the prevailing pandemic officially known as COVID-19. Bill Gates is financing the researchers, as well as organizations in order, find the vaccine for the disease.

3. Bernard Arnault Family

Bernard Arnault Family

The total worth of Bernard Arnault is $91.6 Billion.  The worth comes from the most luxurious good business in the world. Bernard Arnault is the CEO of LVMH. This organization is known for producing the world’s most luxurious goods. This company is also known for the world’s most prestigious brands of all time.

LVMH is responsible for creating the most prestigious and the most luxurious brands on earth. Amongst them, Louis Vuitton, Hennessey, Bulgari, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Sephora, and many are on the top of the list. These brands are known for their excellence. Bernard Arnault is expanding the business with the passage of time.

He has been making things possible in this regard. Their sphere of goods is also expanding with the passage of time. Bernard Arnault has a name when it comes to the world of luxury.

4. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

The net worth of Warren Buffett is $ 70.5 Billion. He is one of the greatest investors of the 20th century. He has been investing in various finance spheres. He has been taking things into account regarding investment in textile companies, airlines, and other insurance companies. He is also known as the oracle of Omaha.

He is known so because of his insight into the investing sphere sees the best. Unlike other investors who are investing in social media, Warren Buffett continues to invest in things other than social media. Most of his shares as in airlines, tech companies, research companies, manufacturing, and finance companies. These are the most anticipated areas for investment for Warren Buffett.

5. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle. He is the chief technology officer. The total worth of the Larry Ellison is $ 62.4 Billion. Initially, Larry Ellison founded the company that was primarily associated with the database. This software database company was Oracle founded in 1977.

Larry Ellison served as the CEO of the company. Larry Ellison stepped down from the post back in 2014. But Larry Ellison is still acting as chief technology officer at Oracle. He is also a member of the board of Oracle. He has also served on the board of Tesla companies.

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