Top 10 Netflix movies 2020

Top 10 Netflix Movies 2020

To dig out the best movie on Netflix Movies is a daunting task for anyone. You planned to watch a film, but where? There is the infinity list of movies on Netflix, and you would be bookmarked movies to watch in the upcoming holiday’s date. But you have to choose one according to your mood.

Wear your safety glasses because you are going to face the digital world for a long time. In the list, you might some have as your taste or something that has been recommended by your friends.

It is hard-hitting to browse for hours, and you find something wrong for that you were thinking it will be right. It’s time out, and you have too tired to find something best for you. Here is the list of top watched movies on Netflix, and your decision will not be wrong if you go with one of them.

  1. The Old Guard:

The Old Guard












Although the 2020 year is passing quietly due to pandemic. But two movies worked well on Netflix, and these are “The Old Guard” and the second one is “The Charlize Theron”. The old Guard got good ranks that have stood in the list of top 10 hit movies on the Netflix still in 18 days. That is incredible to get such rank.

  1. Angel Has Fallen:

Angel has fallen












Angel has fallen is the movie-making of the 2019 year, but a lot of people have not watched yet in 2020. The movie is full of action and got 1st place in the first three days. But this film got a place among five for eighteen days on Netflix. In only 25 days, the film got the highest score among the top 10 movies. So, it was easy for this film to rack up with more points than others during April month.

  1. Extraction:













Like “The old Guard, Netflix is giving another hit with big action this year. Extraction stands position first for six days among the daily watching top 10 movies. After spending six days with No. 1 position, the movies scattered out its show and felt down in the top five for the next thirteen days. It is a much noticeable difference that you can see from other movies if you compare them.

  1. The Lorax:

The Lorax












The only reason to make good ranks than “The Old Guard” because of an animated movie. No doubt the film has made the hit list of 2020. Therefore, this movie got amazingly high marks in the first 21 days and got the top two positions.

The top position is standing among the top 10 in almost nine different times. Plus, this movie is more successful than the old Guard due to animated projects got massive replay worth on Netflix. So, you can expect that this movie will go on as the year goes on.

  1. The Willoughbys:

The Willoughbys












Indeed, this movie runs short but has a good start at the start of this year. The film got the first position for two days but came on the second rank for numerous times. Besides, this movie remained in the top 10 places in May.

  1. The Wrong Missy:

The Wrong Missy












You may too much talk about The Wrong Missy than any other. The movie got an incredible position on the Netflix platform and accomplished nine consecutive successful days with the No. 1 position. The comedy ruled over the fifth month of this year and pull out the highest score in May as well.

  1. Spenser Confidential:

Spenser Confidential












Honestly speaking, it is surprising to see the Mark Wahlberg movie too much low that no one can expect. No one movie on the Netflix had spent so low rank like movie Spencer Confidential. But despite the film got first place for consecutive 18 weeks in daily top 10 watching movies. So good to watch this film.

  1. The Angry Birds Movie 2:

The Angry Birds Movie 2












In late February, when the top ten featured launched, The Angry Birds Movie 2 project came in the top-rated chart. The animated film remained hit the place and got No. 1 position for eight days. Besides, the movie came in second place for seven days. The film didn’t fall out from the top five places even in 20 days run and got score highest rank in the March month.

  1. Despicable Me:

Despicable Me












Don’t surprise, Despicable Me an animated project has spent eighty-six days in top 10 hits. The movie got the third position in April month, second in May, and rank 11 in June. But in July, the film achieved 10th place.

  1. 365 Days:

365 Days












The biggest surprise is for you in the form of this hit movie. 365 Days fall out No. 1 position for many times and got first place consecutively even for 12 days. This is the second most-watched movie after the Spenser Confidential. Besides, the film got a high score and remained in the top ten movies for several times.

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