Top 10 Horror Movies in Hollywood

Top 10 Horror Movies in Hollywood

Be ready to watch Horror Movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But before enjoying the horror part of the movies, order glasses online for 3D print and feel real. Horror films are unpredictable scary with no boundaries.

What is a scary movie? A movie that compels you to jump over your bed while watching it but should scramble you under quilt when you are trying to sleep.

Below here is the list of scariest movies that are frightening and disturbing that are enough to freeze you at your place. This list if the mix of old and new horror films and make sure that they are enough to scare you.


The best short film bases on a 57-minute run time that takes place with some group of friends. Well, it is not the first movie that entirely set on video chat display zoom.

Here is a truly innovative use of a modern technique that perfect match with the 2020 scares and all performers have brilliant performance that cranks the attention into terribly scary territory. Take your time because it will be interesting for you to see what will be next.

The Women in Black:

Well, a luxurious creepy haunted castle story is in the best tradition. Hammer all films had the best revival entry because of an atmospheric tale and gorgeously designed. Few horror movies approach this commitment level and presence because it allows the attention of users.

The movie is so dreadful that you will stay in each location and setup. A film that has been set in the old-fashioned haunted house as used in the filmmaking of the 1960s and 1970s. Besides, the movie had a $15 million budget and could get an impressive return with $127 million in the box office.

Troll Hunter: 

Troll, mocking without any comedy, full of terrific and great visual effects with low budgets but entertaining. It is a monster movie with a lot of carnage and creepiness that’s why it gets the name in the horror list.

But it has fantasy elements and terrific mythology. This movie completed in the budget of $3.5 million but only could return as $5million from worldwide.


Intricate occult fears that provides a balance of past and present stories. The movie will constantly force to question, and the next thing is its perception and expectations. Besides, the film offers gory goods for those people who think that it is not bloody enough.

But hold on, it is more than this because you will appreciate its effective acting and smart storyteller. While the movie budget was as low as $5 but could win hart the scary lovers with a budget of $44 in the box office. Besides, its low budget proves that this film adopted the most profitable and smartest horror route.

The Cabin In The Woods: 

Among most favorite modern horror movies, this film has a sample of all horror sort that you can just imagine. The film is hilarious and grisly men you can find fun because when the monster will be started, they will never free you.

The budget of this film was $30 million and could get its revenue is about $66 million. But the portion of studio hardly covered all expenses, and other marketing adds that lead more than ten million in the red column.

The Conjuring: 

Based on a true story and it was shot in the old-school haunted house extraordinary. There is instantaneous endlessness for the proceeding, and visual texture is awesome.

If you want to spend your rest of the night by awaking, want to jump at every creak, you will afraid to look at the private door afraid lest it moves, gets this movie ticket, and enjoy each scene. With the making in the budget of $20 million, the movie was a major hit worldwide with a profit of $318 million.

IT Followers: 

It is great filmmaking because whether you are perceiving a story on the fear of unprotected sex during AIDS and diseases or declaration of recover the control of sexuality and life amid danger. So, the movie is scary as hell. By spending only $2 million on this movie, could get a revenue of $18 million on stage.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night: 

A sensual shade of black and gray circulates in which a vampire romance in the way of Man and Rumble Fish. Few freshmen in horror do this as perfect, and its bloodletting has secondary importance because they are the main characters throughout the film.

With a small budget and released with the only $50000. But the film received critical praise universally because it produced entertainment in the horror fans.

The Babadook: 

The movie has the serious capability to disturb the viewers because you will not rely on monsters, but you will enjoy most of the scary sort.

The most chilling scenes are not about the creepy creature, but there is a little boy who lost his mind. While the film has a low budget with $2 million, and the film could pull $7 million in theaters.


This film could be on the top of the horror films because it slowly attracts viewers. Now, it has been set as a most disturbing, horror, well-acted, and perfectly placed in the list of horror movies not only previous last years but from the last decades. The movie got grossed $77 million in the making of a low budget of $3 million and performed well.

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