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Social Media Marketing Guide

Social media include a lot of platforms like Instagram, Facebook and twitter these are some biggest social media platforms. social media marketing helps brands to market product on social media it includes a lot of social media platforms and different techniques so the brand can achieve their set goals for their products it helps brands to gain website traffic, brand.

These Are Some Best Social Media Marketing Platform and Tips How to Use It in Right Way

1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the topmost social media platforms. It gives tough competition to a lot of social media platforms and it is the most recommended platform for fashion influencers. because it is one of the versatile social media marketing platforms and provides the various content formats and also gives selling options.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Instagram

  • choosing a profile picture is a very simple process but it plays an important role to build your brand. the profile picture should represent your brand or you in the best way because it is very important that if anyone sees your profile picture they should instantly take interest in your brand.
  • Use bio to tell about you or your brand in the simplest way this is a very important Bio should be small but it should describe all services you provide add your website link or any kind of contact detail so can people reach out to you easily.
  • Use a business account it helps you to understand your account and provide all the data of your followers like which time and day are the best for you to post at what time your follower is most online. if you use these data it helps you to gain more followers and potential customers.
  • Use Instagram stories to engage with your followers and give shoppable swipe up to increase your sales conversion.
  • Use the high engaging hashtag to reach a wider audience. You can create your hashtag so people who are using your brand products can use those hashtags. It will reach more people.

What content works on Instagram?

  1. post a high-quality image it will get more attention.
  2. small information and entertaining video
  3. use the Instagram story for question-answer so you can connect with your audience
  4. always make shareable content to reach a wider audience


youtube social media marketing is very different from others because other social media platforms use an image to engage people but youtube use videos it helps youtube to grow fast because people prefer video more it easy to understand that why youtube is one of the biggest search engines it makes youtube biggest video content producer.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Youtube

  • Choose your niche first so you can easily target that audience by creating relevant content for your targeted audience.
  • A catchy title to attract more viewers but it should be relevant to your topic. A catchy title helps you to engage more audiences on your video and it helps your channel to give boost because youtube pushes your content more.
  • Research on your topic and use keywords on your title will help to reach your audience.
  • Youtube profiles should be optimized like video titles and video descriptions with relevant keywords.
  • Use the description of your video to add your website link to gain traffic on your website.

What content works on youtube?

  • Content depends on your audience but long video work if you tell any information if it is relevant to your audience.
  • You can tell your audience about your experience or vlog your life telling them what you do. It helps you connect with the audience more.
  • You can make the tutorial, unboxing video and product reviewer.


FACEBOOK has over 2billion users, making it the biggest social media platform. The Facebook business page helps your brand to reach a wider audience and grow your business more than another platform because it gives you a large amount of audience at one place it will increase traffic to your website

Social Media Marketing Tips for Facebook

  • Understand your audience and use Facebook page insights.
  • Give all the information about your business and provide contact information on Facebook page insights.
  • Always create custom URLs that help people to reach you easily.
  • Optimize your Facebook business is very important for business it shows brand professionals.
  • Always mention your website. It helps the audience to reach your website and see your work.

What content works for Facebook?

  • Post image it is better than a simple text post
  • Make video contact but the video should be small because it is more engaging.
  • Make a sharable content that helps you to reach a new audience and increase traffic on your website.
  • Use Facebook live and story feature to always get connected with your audience.


Twitter is a text-only platform that makes twitter very different from other social media platforms.

it is not like another platform that depends on visuals appealing. a lot of brands use twitter to grow themselves.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Twitter: –

  • The most important tips for twitter marketing is to do a frequent and consistent post.
  • Schedule your tweet and post at regular intervals help you stay consistent on the platform
  • Use the hashtag and find relevant tags to gain a larger audience.
  • Do conversations on the trending topic with people it will increase your comment and reshare
  • If you are posting content which is a collaboration with some other brand mention, then on your tweet.
  • Optimize your Twitter profile like add your website link and contact number.

What Content Works On Twitter?

  • Informing events related to your brand.
  • Informational tweet on the topic which you have good knowledge or understanding.
  • You can ask people quiz or qna it will increase comment on the post-it can be retweeted it help your brand gain engagement.
  • You can give a link to your other platform like your website, youtube and more.

Social media marketing is very big. It includes a lot of other platforms these are just some top social media platforms. You have to remember every platform has their different strategy. You have to change your strategy according to the platform. Be creative and unique with your strategy. Social media marketing is the best way to reach people in a very fast and easy way there are many digital marketing institutes where you can join to learn about social media marketing.

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