Self Defense Keychain

Self Defense Keychain – Two in One Tool for Women

A self defense keychain is a cool tool with dual features and is considered the best for women. The tool has a keychain with which you can keep your keys safe, and it has two pointed knuckles that can help you make a way out of trouble.

The tool has been created, keeping women safe in mind. Women always wanted a self defense tool that they could easily carry and easily used, and just so, this tool was created with both of the qualities mentioned.

If you want to keep yourself guarded while outdoors, you should pick this tool without a doubt. The tool is a mini version of the real brass knuckles as it has two finger holes, whereas the real ones have four.

The keychain weapon comes in a variety of shapes that are designed in cool and fancy ways. All of them also come with the added feature stated. Let us find out more about this cool self-defense tool.

Best Self Defense Weapon to Look Out For

The following is a list of the best self defense weapon to look out for a while deciding on buying one.

  • Cat Self Defense Keychain

The cat Self Defense Keychain is a cool tool that is given the shape of a cat face. It has two finger holes that have pointed edges. You need to insert two fingers into the cat brass knuckles to use the tool. The best thing about the tool is it is light weighted and small. You can easily fit the cat keychain in your pocket or can carry it in your hands.

  • Demonic Skull Tool

Most of the tools on the list have been designed in a way that suits women the most. However, the demonic skull tool is ideal for men and boys. That is because, instead of a cat face, the keychain has a skull face on top. The using method is the same as you need to insert your fingers in the holes. They have two finger holes, are light in weight, and are easy to carry.

  • Other Tools

Like the skull and cat tool, you get to find the wolf tool shaped like a wolf face and has two finger holes with pointed edges. The other tools that you find vary in terms of finger holes. You get two holes in most cases, but you will also find tools with four finger holes.

Use of the Tool

The tool has gained a lot of admiration and has become an important thing in people’s daily lives. It comprises of knuckles that can be used to knock out trouble makers. The pointed edges of the knuckles leave no chance for the opponent to escape.

The second main use of the tool is that of keeping your belongings safe. This can be done by the assistance of the keychain the tool comes with. You can ring your keys with ease and carry the keychain to the office or anywhere you want.

Another usage of the tool is that of collection. If you have a collection created with weapons of different sorts, you can add this cool keychain and enhance the look of your collection.

The tool is considered one of the safest to be ever created. It does not matter if you pick the kitty self defense keychain or the skull self defense keychain; both have the same qualities. As you get to keep two things safe in one place, you need to look into buying the tool.

Are Cat Self Defense Keychains illegal?

The tool is not illegal as it has dual features. The tool does not cause any serious injury, and that is why it not illegal. You can take it easy and can use it to knock down enemies. You can then go on to get the trouble maker caught, or you can escape from trouble by doing the same.

Buy Self Defense Tools Today

Now that you have understood the tool’s potential by going through its types and uses, it is now time to look at its pricing. You will be delighted to learn that the tool comes at low prices. You can either go on to purchase an individual piece for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk.

When you buy in large quantities, you get discounted prices, which are useful if you are looking to make money from the tools. You can sell them for higher rates at your end.

The tool can be bought from Paknives online stores or buy them from weapon places near you. Check out the availability and buy your self defense keychain today.

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