Samsung Z Flip & Razr – Is 2020 The Year of Foldable Phones?

Samsung Z Flip & Razr - Is 2020 The Year of Foldable Phones

While foldable phones’ popularity grows, their durability still remains a cause of concern. Motorola Razr & Samsung Z Flip were on sale within a week after their launch. A drop in sales has caused both smartphone companies to go back to the drawing board. All this wasn’t a surprise though. It is too early to predict if this technology will gain currency. This has caused many tech reviewers to debate about the viability of foldable phones in 2020. Will foldable phones will become approved among the masses this year? Let’s find out.

One Giant Leap

There’s no doubt that foldable phones allow you to experience something novel. Despite being high-priced, they come with cutting edge specs & a unique aesthetic. They are the modern version of classic flip phones, emulating the best of both worlds. Despite this, foldable phones continue to face a certain set of challenges. Durability tests have shown that these phones aren’t meant to take much damage. They aren’t meant to be as robust as high-quality protective eyewear like Wiley X Peak. But the exclusion of gorilla glass for display is a huge downgrade for durability.

Display Is Up For Debate

A foldable phone with a glass screen still seems a distant idea. As mentioned, there are a lot of YouTubers who have carried out a set of durability tests. Most of them concluded with disappointing results. Some claimed that they could scratch the surface even with a fingernail. In short, no matter how hard Samsung tries, the Z Flip’s display is all plastic but glass.

What Is Motorola Razr Lacking?

Anyone could’ve put their finger on Razr to take the lead when it comes to foldable phones. But things haven’t turned out to be that swell for Razr. The most obvious complaint is about the phone’s case, which isn’t justified by its price tag. The specs also seem to be below-par of what android phones offer nowadays. A few things like a large battery, wireless charging & water resistance are missing.  Another thing is that foldable phones are quite nascent at this stage. This means the technology will improve over time but is at the budding stage right now.

Will 2020 Change The Course For Smartphones?

The short answer is, no. Unless some other high-end smartphone company comes up with something better. It’s a no brainer that every fresh technology takes time to iterate & improve. We’ve already seen Motorola & Samsung come up with their best. So it’s hard to point out any other competitor at this stage. Moreover, most people still aren’t sold on the idea of foldable phones. The primary reasons cited are their lack of flagship features & questionable durability. Remember, Apple has yet to launch the iPhone 12 this fall. How will that affect the demand for flip phones? It will be interesting to find out. Until then, things don’t look so good for both Samsung & Motorola when it comes to foldable phones.

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