Privacy Policy

InfoTechnologyIdeas aims to make sure its customers are protected under our privet policy. We look forward to being as transparent as possible so that our clients are aware of the fact that our content is concise, clear, and easily accessible.

What and how do we collect customer data?

Our privacy policy is designed as such that the customers are aware of all the personal data that we consume. We also highlight where personal data will be utilized and why. Moreover, our company website signifies how client data is collected e.g., cookies or the involvement of third-party service. Our team wishes to be specific regarding the reason why we are collecting the information.

The information we collect from the audience that visits our website contains their IP address to understand network connectivity, browser version, number of clicks made by the user, what time the user visits your page, and for how long.

In case of any third-party influence being used to collect information, e.g., e-mail or data charts, the company holds itself responsible for signifying its customers in the straightest forward way.

On the other hand, the content, product, and services provided from our end our originally ours. Our team is dedicated to providing unique content that is not plagiarised.

What do we collect your information for?

The customer data that we collect is to help us improve our services. InfoTechnologyIdeas looks forward to personalizing your experience and deliver the type of content you want for that we require your assistance. Moreover, our company has to make annual reports and send periodic emails concerning new material for which we need your feedback.

However, no additional data without your consent will be collected or utilized in any way.