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LIAR LIAR – The Game of Truths and Lies – Family Friendly Party Games – Card Game for All Ages – Adults, Teens and Kids

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[ad_1] Liar Liar pants on fire…your friends just caught you lying! Or, did you tell an amazing lie that everyone thought was true? Liar Liar is a hilarious and fun party game for all ages. Our family friendly game is all about sharing stories and learning more about each other. HOW TO PLAY: 1. SHARE: Say something about yourself that relates to one of the cards in your hand. 2. VOTE: Try to identify the single player who is telling a lie. 3. REVEAL: After everyone has voted, reveal which player was actually lying to the group SCORING: Each round is scored depending on players Role Cards and how players voted. TRUTH: Any player with a Truth Role Card receives 1 point per Liar Vote Card they receive LIE: The player with the Lie Role Card receives 3 points if no player identifies them as the liar CORRECTLY VOTING FOR THE LIAR: Any player who correctly votes for the liar receives 3 points WINNING: The first player to 21 points wins!

HILARIOUS FAMILY FRIENDLY PARTY GAME FOR ALL AGES: Liar Liar is the perfect card game for adults, teens and kids. It’s a super fun game all about sharing and identifying the liar in the group
LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Each round every player says something about themselves. Can you guess who’s lying?
GAMEPLAY: Each round players tell a truth or a lie depending on their assigned role. Players score points when other players incorrectly identify their truth as a lie – or their lie as a truth. There’s always a liar!
EASY TO LEARN RULES: 200 Topic Cards, 13 Role Cards, 13 Voting Cards, Score pad. EXAMPLE TOPIC CARDS: Birthdays, Talents, Party, Camping, Parents, Travel, Gifts, Games, Jokes.
PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAME NIGHT: All players are involved at all times. From the makers of the hilarious party games Hot Seat, Pick Your Poison, Brain Freeze and Bad People. Ages: 10+, Time 30-60 Minutes, Players 3+



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