Best Kid's Safety Frame Glasses for Basketball of 2020

Best Kid’s Safety Frame Glasses for Basketball of 2020

If your child decides to wear shades while shooting hoops, they better offer the required level of protection. This article is all about top safety frame glasses for children & the essential features to look out for in them. There’s every bit of reason to take eye protection seriously, especially when it comes to younger ones.

Wearing the right kind of eye protection PPE equips kids with the right attitude & confidence to perform at their level best. So what really makes eyewear worthy of providing a reasonable amount of safety assurance? Let’s find out.

Essential Safety Glasses’ Features

According to the Vision Council of America, eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness among children. To counter this, your young one needs to be equipped with glasses that offer the best form of durability.

In the same vein, getting polycarbonate lenses is key as it makes a suitable lens material. It offers greater robustness & durability as opposed to other lens types such as plastic & glass. Moreover, it also provides an effective defense against UV rays emitted by the sun.

The frame’s shape plays a huge role in how long one is able to wear the eyewear. For sports, a wrap shape for safety frame glasses is deemed ideal as it provides a snug fit that doesn’t let the eyewear slide or slip forward even if there’s a lot of head movement.

What’s best about this shape is it also looks good on anyone’s face! Which is why it is always endorsed by numerous athletes on prominent sports magazines.

Comfort is another important thing to pay attention to. The frame should be able to provide the best of both worlds in terms of being lightweight & robust. You should ensure that your child does not take off their eyewear during a game, which could put their eyes at risk.

One could always gauge the comfort of any given frame by trying it out beforehand or looking for rubberized nose grips or temples. In most cases, plastic frames are ideal as they cause the least amount of discomfort.

Fourth, lens tint is an important factor in letting your child view comfortably in broad daylight. When the sun’s really out, a darker tint will help reduce the glare caused by sunlight.

You can go for photochromic lenses that may work with prescription glasses, although consulting an optometrist beforehand is always recommended. Generally speaking, these are some of the essential ingredients to consider when choosing sports frames for your kid.

Top Sports Glasses For Children

Here are some of the recommended eyewear that could help your child protect their eyes with full efficacy.

Wiley X Gamer

These frames are offered in the Wiley X Youth Force series that are specifically designed to provide the best optical experience for youngsters. For enjoying both visual acuity & durability, Wiley X Gamer is ideal. The frame is ASTM F803 rated for providing higher impact resistance which is extremely useful in accidents.

If your child wears prescription eyewear, why not get them something that is more reliable in terms of safety? On the whole, Wiley X Gamer is an easy choice for kids who’re actively involved in sports.

Wiley X Crush

Wiley X Crush offers a clever look that is paired with elegance. If your child wants to maintain an air of sophistication both inside & outside the classroom, these frames would be it. Just like all other Youth Force series glasses, these can be readily converted into goggles with the help of an accompanying strap.

The very polycarbonate lenses allow a distortion-free view throughout the day for your child to be as confident as possible. Kids can kiss regular eyewear goodbye as they can experience frames that allow RX lenses in them.


Overall, important features that make up a perfect eye protection PPE must not be discounted. Chief attributes such as visual clarity & robustness should always be kept in high consideration when choosing protective an eyewear that doesn’t put your kid’s future at stake.

In essence, you should always check if the glasses promise a certain level of protection, unlike other regular prescription eyewear.

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