How to Ready Your Coloured Halloween Lenses for Halloween?

Halloween Lenses

We know that there is still quite a lot of time left for Halloween, but if you ask me, it will be here on our doorsteps in a blink. From deciding on your costume and Halloween contact lenses like the vampire contact lenses, it can be much of a hassle. And if you still think there is more than enough time remaining in Halloween for you to prepare, there is no harm in finding the best way to prepare for Halloween.

That said, your Halloween costume is pretty easy to get hold of and if you require any facial makeup that will only come to pass at the time of Halloween. So the only thing that remains is the Halloween contact lenses. For that you need to at least know how you can prepare them before Halloween comes around.

So, we must look at the preparation method that would be required to follow before dressing up for Halloween.

How to Prepare Halloween Contact Lenses Expertly?

  1. Check The Packaging Thoroughly

The first thing you would do is find the best online store and purchase quality Halloween contact lenses. With that you would have your Halloween contact lenses delivered to you at your home.

Now that you have purchased your favourite Halloween lenses, it is time for you to thoroughly check the packaging before you open it. Make sure it has not been damaged in any way and the seal is perfectly intact. If the packaging is not damaged, the lenses are perfectly okay.

Moving on, check for all the descriptions on the packaging describing what the lenses are, colour, type and all the other accessories. You know it is better to check that you have all the things you ordered and there is nothing that you didn’t ordered.

I mean it shouldn’t be a problem getting them replaced as big online stores usually provide such benefits to their customers. Still, getting them replaced will only be a hassle and will waste your time.

  1. Before wearing your lenses you are required to clean the lenses with disinfectant solution

When you open your Halloween contact lenses they are usually placed in a saline solution so that the lenses remain fresh and free from any foreign particles. But, you cannot put those contact lenses in your eyes straight away, that saline solution is not something you can allow to enter your eyes.

So, in order to clean the lenses of this saline solution you need to clean it properly with the disinfectant solution that you purchased alongside your contact lenses. Place the lenses in the storage case, and fill it with the solution for more than 2-3 hours so the effect of that saline solution wears off.

Soaking in the solution will make the lenses wearable. But only use the solution that came with the coloured lenses and do not use any other solution that is homemade or clean the lenses with water.

The importance of Disinfectant solution

Halloween contact lenses are always sold with a disinfectant solution. That solution is specifically designed to clean those lenses and they are made such that they will not hurt your eyes in any way.

That is why it is important that you use that solution only. The use of water to clean the lenses is not advisable as you see water contains certain micro-organisms that can stick to your lenses and hurt your eyes.

Then the use of homemade solution is prohibited as well. These solution’s composition is unknown to you and you do not know how it will react with your eyes or if it will damage your lenses or not.

Maintain Hygiene at All Times Around Halloween Lenses 

Now that you have learned all about how to prepare your Halloween contact lenses, there are certain small errands that you need to look at.

You see, before you open the packaging and touch your Halloween eyewear, you must clean your hands properly with soap and water so that you do not contaminate your lenses when you touch them.

Once you take the contact lenses out the case, you must throw away the solution from the case and then refill it with a fresh solution. And before that clean your case with the solution.

The case filled with solution will have debris from the used Halloween contact lenses. So that is why you need to refill it with the new solution.

Remember to follow the steps of cleaning your lenses when you open the package even if they are daily disposable contact lenses.

Lastly, if your coloured Halloween lenses are super cool and everyone wants a peek at them, you may show them, but do not go further than that and share your lenses with anyone. That is not how you should prepare for Halloween. Your lenses are your property alone.

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