How to Delete Instagram Account?

How to Delete Instagram Account?

Nowadays, everyone has a lot of information to share on social networks. Due to the scandal of Facebook, Instagram Accounts, sometimes there are several pieces of information to share. Well, there is an extreme to delete you from a social network.

Therefore, some things have the simplest solution to save your privacy. But if you want to remove your social accounts, there are some helping steps. All these steps will help you to complete your process of deleting the account on Instagram.

Besides, these steps will provide you complete guidelines for deleting your account from a popular network. If you use social media sites frequently as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, chances are you have seen friends that participate in social media.

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Sometimes, you have to remove social accounts due to the overburden of friends. It’s time to clean your account on social media. Whether you want to delete any apps for a couple of weeks or for a longer time due to cut down your screen time.

Some people need to delete your account to release your stress. Now, it turns to remove your existing account on social media or want to delete your portfolio from any apps. Therefore, there is a frequent question about how to delete an Instagram account, so follow these steps.

How to Delete Your Instagram Account?

How to Delete Your Instagram Account

When you need to remove your profile, comments, videos, or even account, follow these simple steps. Whether you want to remove your account permanently or want to take a short break, Gmail, you can even disable your account temporarily.

After deleting your social account, you cannot again sign up with the same username and password. Due to security purposes, you cannot delete your account directly. You need to log into your account with the deletion request.

Before start to delete your account, you need to log in to save certain posts and photos from Instagram. After deleting your account, you will not be able to access download data from Instagram.

  • Open the page of Delete your Account from a computer or mobile browser. If you don’t log into your account through the web, first you will have to log in. You cannot delete an account from the Instagram app directly.
  • Choose a choice from the menu of dropdown “why do you want to delete your account” and then re-enter the password. There will appear an option of deleting the account permanently and choose the reason for the option from the menu.
  • Press the button to permanently delete my account.

How to Delete an Instagram Account On iPhone?

How to Delete an Instagram Account On iPhone

  • Open your iPhone page of Instagram and knock the profile icon on the screen bottom.
  • Press the Settings icon of the profile page and scroll down through the option of “Help Center”.
  • Click the button Basics and then select “Getting Started”.
  • Choose “Delete your Account” from options.
  • Select the option of “How do I delete my account?” and press the hyperlink of “go to this page”.
  • Press Instagram account information and select the reason why do you want to delete the Instagram account.
  • Write the password on Instagram account and press “permanently deactivate my account”. Now click “OK” to confirm your account. After this, your Instagram account will remove your iPhone.

How to Delete an Instagram Account on the App?

How to Delete an Instagram Account on the App

  • First of all, click the username on the top of the right side of your account page.
  • Click edits profile and chooses Log Out.
  • Log back to your account if you want to delete the account and follow the above directions.
  • After the request of the deletion of your account within 30 days, your all information on the account will be deleted permanently.
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  • Now you couldn’t restore your account information. It will take 90 days to complete the deleting process. All the things you have posted will be deleted gradually.
  • Besides, the information will not be deleted, but other people cannot access your Instagram account.
  • Copy your information because they will remain for 90 days as in backup storage. You can recover your disaster or any software error or data that events have lost.

How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently?

How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently

  • Open your Instagram page from through the browser.
  • Click the Instagram account and put the information to log in.
  • Write the username and select “Edit Profile”.
  • Press “Temporarily disable my account” and chose the reason for the deleting account.
  • Type password your Instagram profile and select “Temporarily Disable Account” and choose “OK” confirm.

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