How to Delete Gmail Account?

How to Delete Gmail Account?

Ok, it’s time that you want to delete your Gmail account. Several reasons are behind this, Saving Tips, but if you want to get a different email account or want to get rid of this account because of an embarrassing password.

You probably created an uncomfortable account name years ago; it is easy to move on another account. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses when you are sitting in front of digital gadgets because these devices emit blue rays that are harmful to your eyes.

If you want to delete the Gmail account permanently, there is a process through which you can continue the whole procedure. Kee remembers that to deleting the account, your account and email setting will be ended.

No longer you will be able to use that email address in the future for receiving and sending emails. Moreover, your address will not be useful for anyone in the future.

However, ending the Gmail account will not delete the complete account of the address that is connected with it. You will access all other Google account services like calendar, google drive, google play store, and many more.

Gmail can ask to you for providing another alternative email address for sign into Google account for upcoming access. Are you trying to figure out how to remove the Gmail account? If yes, you are in the right place because we shall provide you all detail on how to end it.

Delete Gmail Account












Whether you are trying to get a new account or merely want to shift towards another account, all is here. The entire procedure is so simple that you can easily get rid of your older account.

But before deleting your account, there is something that worth noting when you are getting rid of this account. First of all, it will delete all emails in it, but Google may not end your account or emails immediately.

Secondly, if you are concerned about its security and because of this reason, you want to delete your account, Google doesn’t allow anyone to use your account. So, Diet VS Lifestyle, don’t you worry about this that anyone can jump into your account and can use your email address?

Lastly, before deleting your account, make sure that you have downloaded all the essential files that are in your account. Once data is lost, it means lost forever. But don’t worry, your lost data can recover after downloading your Gmail data and then save it on your computer.

The process is a little different according to the devices that you are using. So, here are instructions according to devices like Android and iOS services.

For Computer System:

For Computer System












  • Go on the page of Google account management
  • Open Gmail account and then click on the grid use icon
  • Click on account of a pop-up menu
  • From the navigation panel, chose Data and Personalization that will be on the top of the left side of the window
  • In the window, scroll down to reach the section of download, delete, or make a plan for data
  • Select the section of “Delete a service or your account”
  • On the section of the new screen, Shopping Tips, find the title with “Delete Google service” and then choose to Delete a service. In this section, you sign in to your account immediately due to security reasons.
  • On a new screen, you will find a Gmail account that you need to delete and choose the “Delete” option.
  • Follow further screen’s instructions to reach your final destination of delete account.

For Android:

For Android












  • On Android device, open app setting
  • Scroll down and find Google setting in your settings
  • Find “Google Account” and choose it
  • Find out the “Data and Personalization” from the menu
  • In the send scroll down to reach the section of “download, delete, or plan for your data”
  • Select “delete service or your account”
  • On the new screen, “Delete google service”. Google may need here to sign in your account.
  • Choose “Gmail” and find a trash icon and follow Google instructions.

For iOS:

For iOS












Meanwhile, iOS has no Google settings, How to Change Facebook Password? you require to have installed Gmail app on your gadget to continue delete of Gmail account.

  • Open the Gmail app and open the menu section
  • Choose “settings” in your account and manage your account
  • In the navigation panel, select “Data and personalization” and choose it.
  • From new page, reach on the section of “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data”
  • Choose “Delete a service or your account”
  • Select the option of “Delete a service”
  • Here during the process, Google needs to re-confirm the password for your account.
  • On the new page, get Gmail and choose “Delete”, then follow the Google provide instructions.

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