How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

To create a Facebook business page is not a difficult task. You already have all text, photos, and ideas that you require to build your new Facebook business page.

Grab your Prescription Glasses, sit down, and start work with few easy steps and get up our page for running. You need some motivation to get all started.

Approximately 2.5 billion people are using Facebook each month, and 140 million people related to businesses use Facebook to connect with the massive audience for their product sale.

So, come with us and make a business page on Facebook, and at the end of the day, you would launch your new page in the business world. Before sign up for your Facebook business page, you have to log into the Facebook account.

Don’t bother about your personal information because there will be no visibility on that page. If you have already logged into your Facebook account, log in, and then start the creation of a new business page set up.

Sign Up:

First of all, go into From here, you have to choose the type of page that you want to create like business, brand, community, or public figure. Click Get Started from the option and start to enter your business information.

For page name, use your business name or such type of name that people can easily search when they trying to find related searches. In category option, select one word or two that express your business, and Facebook offers some suggestions for your facility.

If your business has more than one category, choose anyone that people mostly think and then insert that one. After choosing a category and some other details will have to enter like your address and phone number.

If you are ready to go ahead, click the Continue button. Here are some Facebook pages, events, and groups, you must review them before proceeding.

Upload Your Picture:

The next step is making the profile picture and cover image for your Facebook page. Such steps are essential for a good visual impression, so select wisely. Make sure, whatever the photo you are choosing for you, it must be aligned with your brand and business easily.

So, upload a profile image because it will make the identity of your business and can interact with users. That image will appear on the top left on your Facebook page. If you have a popular brand, use its logo, and probably it is a safe way to go.

If you are a public figure, your pic will create a charm in your profile. For a local business, try a short signature to attract potential followers. Now, click on Upload Profile Picture.

After this go the section of the cover image, and its size should be 820 x 312 pixels on desktop or 640 x 360 on phones, but the suggested size is 720 x 315 pixels. So, click on the option of Upload a Cover Photo.

Create a Username:

Username is also known as your URL, and it will describe to people where they should find on the Facebook page. Make sure, your username should be 50 characters long but don’t adjust extra characters.

Make a username that should be easy to remember and easy to type, and this is safe for your business profile. Click Create Page @Username to set your vanity URL. After this, click Create Username when all is done. A pop-up box will show the links of the people if you want to connect them for your business and Facebook messenger.

Add Business Details:

While you may leave it to fill for a later time, Change Facebook Password, but it’s essential to fill out all fields of a Facebook page. Facebook is the first page that people will get information about your business, so write all detail about your brand here.

For example, your business will remain open till 9, and you have to mention it so that people could confirm it before coming. For adding all details, click Edit Page Info, and you can share all business information.

The description will appear in the search bar, so it has a couple of sentences.

The categories section is for the addition of more than one category related to your business.

Contact details offer for the public like phone number, website, and email.

Location, if you have any physical store or office, make sure you have entered the exact location with the map.

Hours, if your business has specific timing to start to close, enter all hours here, and that will appear in the search bar as well.

An extra option is to enter Impressum, privacy policy, and price range as well.

In the end, click Save Changes and continue further.

Describe Your Story:

All simple details have entered about your business, but this is not much that people could engage with your business on Facebook. Luckily, there is a description box on the business page where you can add a longer description of your business.

So, for this, click See more and click About, and on the right side, there will be Our story section, you have to click it. Add a detailed story about your business that what your business offers to the customers, and this is a place where you can set some sort of expectation as you need. After finishing click Publish button.

Place your first post:

Before inviting people for your business, hold on, and make it valuable by adding some content. So, create your post and share this relevant content with your industry.

Publish page and invite users:

Now your page is set to invite the audience and try to show the best online presence that you can attract potential customers for your business. Click the button of Publish page from the left menu.

Hurrah, that’s it, you see how it was simple to become life and become visible for the world.

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