How to Change Outlook Password?

How to change outlook password

If you are one of the computer users who probably created his email account many years ago and didn’t update login info yet. Well, I would recommend you to not to forget to wear your prescription glasses if you are sitting in front of a digital screen because its blue rays can affect your eyes.

Let’s come to the topic about over we are discussing. Keep remembering one thing that most of the email services like Outlook don’t need to update them. You don’t need to update outlook until there could be a security reason, but most people don’t worry to get change.

It is essential to note that if you change your outlook account password regularly, it can protect your important information effectively. But if you don’t bother changing, you must know that it is essential for you.

Changing outlook passwords regularly is essential these days because of data breaks incidents, and these cases are increasing day by day. Most of the security professionals suggest you change outlook password after every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Most of the office owners follow these rules, and they also force them to follow their employees as well. But as you know that everyone has not such expertise in changing passwords and some office workers even, they have not enough knowledge about the Outlook, and some people don’t have enough time to do it.

So, here are useful steps that you must follow to change the password of the Outlook, and no matter whatever the data you have, you need to save it. If you are planning to change the password of your profile in Outlook, you must follow these changes with simple steps.

Open an email account through email providers like Gmail, i Cloud, or Exchange server. One thing to remember that at the outlook desktop, your client has no authority to change the password of your email provider.

Although, you have to keep change first or update your password through your email provider. Here are a few steps to change your Outlook password, and you would amaze to see how it is simple.

How to Change the Outlook Client Password?

  • If you have Microsoft 365 along with monthly updates, in Outlook, go first in the File.
  • After this go to the settings and then update the password.
  • Update here the password and click the OK

On the other hand, if you are Microsoft 365 subscriber and have the authority of semi-annual updates, or you are using Outlook 019, 206, 2013, 2020, or you have bought it as a standard application, follow these steps.

  • First of all, go in the File menu, then in Info to Account settings, and in the Manage profile
  • Click Email Accounts
  • Open a new dialog window and click on the Email tab then click the Change
  • In the window of Change Account option, enter into the Logon information part and click to the Next.
  • Wait here for few seconds to complete the task, and as you get green checked of tasks, you should exit the window on the clicking the option of the Close

How to Change the Password of Outlook.Com?

  • If you have as an email provider, follow below simple guidelines to change your password.
  • Login your account and go to the security page, click Change my password option, and it will be under the Password security on its dashboard.
  • Here you have to enter the current password, and in the next dialogue, enter your new password. You will have to renter your new password for confirmation and click the Save
  • Look how simple it is to change your Outlook password.

Professional Mean to Set A New Password of Outlook:

In the resetting of new passwords, humans don’t perform excellent jobs. Therefore, it is suggested to use a professional tool Kernel Outlook Password Recovery tool. It has three in one option like Remove, Recover, and Set a new password. It has a few features to follow.

  • It tends to recover the password of Outlook PST file instantly.
  • It can unlock the password efficiently of protected PST files.
  • Options of multilingual password recovery.
  • If you want to remove the password from PST files, you can easily perform this task here.
  • It provides the facility of changing your previous password and get a new password.
  • Creates here alternate password for encrypt PST files.
  • Besides, it supports all versions of Outlook.

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