How to Change Facebook Password?

How to Change Facebook Password?

Internet security and particularly social sites are heavily targeted by hackers because they always try to steal to log in or potentially sign in your accounts. An email account is used even for shopping of glasses online or any other item that you like.

One best way is that you can prevent from happening to hacking or you can drastically reduce the chance of hacking is regularly change your Facebook password. Thankfully, Saving Tips’ new password creation is too much easy on both the Facebook website and Facebook mobile app.

It takes hardly a few minutes to reset it, and your account will become secure, by getting the peace of mind. If you are a user of Facebook, you need to change probably Facebook login identifications.

For changing a new password, you need to remember your old password otherwise, your new password can expose. The reason behind the changing of the password because of nasty activity on your account.

If you are suspected that your Facebook account has been hacked or leaked whatever the case, the only option is to change the password and enhance your security account. Here is the instruction about change passwords in mobile app and websites as well.

To successfully change the password of Facebook on Android phones, you must have to install android applications either on the Facebook app or web browser. You require a web browser to change your Facebook password by mobile websites. If you have all this, What Things You Should Not Forget on Long Trip? you might proceed with it now otherwise, go Google play store and install these apps.

How Can You Change the Password On Web Browser:

How Can You Change the Password On Web Browser












  • Visit https: and on your screen from the right upper corner, locate arrow downward and click on the drop-down menu.
  • In the bottom menu, there will be a “setting” option to click it and then go to your account settings page. Here will be a login section, and along this will be the “Change password” choice. Click on edit and write a complicated password because a complex password will keep secure your account.
  • Confirm your previous password and select a new one and then enter it twice to confirm it.
  • Click on save option to confirm password. Look how it was simple.

How to Change Your Password On a Facebook Mobile App?

How to change your password on a Facebook mobile app












  • Open Facebook app, Diet VS Lifestyle, on the right corner of the screen, there will be three horizontal lines and click open menu in the navigation choices.
  • Scroll down until to reach on the “Setting and privacy” option, click it, and then again click it on the “Setting” option.
  • On the next page in the “Security” section, click on the “Security and login” choice that will be on the next page of the screen that will reveal login preferences. Under the login option, there will be an option of “Change password” click this option for further proceeding.
  • On the screen of the change password option, you have to enter your current password for managing a new password. A new password will enter twice for confirmation and then click on the “Save Changes” option to save your requirements. Here again, put a complex password that will help you to keep your account secure.

How to Change the Password On the Android App?

How to Change the Password On the Android App












For the Android app, install a web browser and Facebook app of your choice and proceed further.

  • On a mobile desktop, locate the Facebook app. Tap to launch the app and promptly, Facebook login, or enter all account credentials if you logged out from your current session. Enter here the user name and password to log in again. On the other hand, if you dint log out, proceed from your previous session of Facebook or otherwise skip this step.
  • Follow the menu tab on the right upper corner of the Facebook app, and there will be three horizontal squares in black color.
  • Scroll down and reach on the menu section on the part of “settings”.
  • Click on the option of “security and Login”, and usually this is the first option of the account settings screen and follow further procedure. If you want to change your password, click on the “change password” on the next page.
  • There will be a pop-up menu on the new page and promptly follow the entire procedure. At here, enter the previous password, Shopping Tips, then enter a new password and retype the new password again in the password file.
  • Always remember your old password because you have to enter your old password to get a new password on the Facebook app.
  • Click on “change password” to confirm it and save this new password.

All are well-set and congratulate; you have changed your password successfully on the Android app.

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