How to AOL Mail Sign in Now?

How to AOL mail sign in now?

AOL Mail is known as American Online and it was founded in 1983. It is a multinational mass media corporation in the USA. AOL is a branded company and continuously growing, innovating, and investing in this brand, and in return, Gmail Account, they are getting entertain, inform, and connect the world.

Besides, AOL contains original content that has aimed for America’s customers and even for the global scale audience. After having 30 years of experience, this brand has grown as one of the best brands globally.

How to AOL Mail Sign in?

How to AOL Mail Sign in












Here are simple steps to sign in new AOL mail and see below the registration page to fill up all detail. But before to start all, must wear cheap safety glasses because digital devices emit harmful rays that are risky for eyes. It would be better to apply AR coating over them to protect eyes from blue rays.

  • Click to redirect AOL mail sign up page that AOL mail login
  • Enter here your detail like first and last name without any special character characters.
  • Be careful in choosing the user name because it should be unique and easy to read that everyone should pick it easily.
  • Now choose a password that should be from 8-16 chars for your email protection so that no one can hack your account. Reconfirm that password and make sure that you have entered correctly.
  • Enter your correct DOB mean what is your age.
  • The next field will be for gender and choose your gender in the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your postal or zip code for local postal code.
  • Now is the turn of security question, and you have to follow the answer to the questions. Kee remembers this answer because if you forget your password, you can recover it by the following answer questions.
  • In the next field, enter your phone number and alternative email address.
  • In the end, type the same characters that you see in the above picture for block robot registration.
  • Finally, click on sign up.

Here is how you can create your account.


How to Add AOL to IPad?

How to Add AOL to IPad












No doubt, iPad and iOS 7 or iOS 8 offer good support to all email services like MS exchange, yahoo mail, outlook, AOL mail, Gmail, and many more. Here is the guideline on how to add the AOL mail account to the iPad. Here are some tricky trips and how to fix it.

AOL gives SMTP servers for iPad mail app and other email programs. Like its all predecessors as iPad2, iPad3, iPad mini all support AOL mail. Although iPad air has an AOL email option alternatively, you can set up the AOL account manually.

AOL to iPad












So, Facebook here is the complete guideline on how can set up the AOL account with a built-in option rather than manually configuration of email. Besides, iPad air is filled almost of the information but less manual input. So, let’s start the process.

  • Click the Mail app on the home screen of the iPad, as you will find the Mail app tap “Mail, contacts Calendar” from the sidebar and knock the “Add account.”
  • You will notice here by default email choice then click AOL, and then you have to enter your original and authenticated account along with other descriptions if required.
  • Type here your complete email address in front of exactly at that place where the option is available.
  • After typing the verified email address, type your password in the password box.
  • Type your user name and other details individually in the required boxes.
  • Press the next button, and then the AOL server will verify your entered credentials that you typed above in the required boxes.
  • If you have entered correct details in the required boxes like email and password, you will see a new screen with more information.

iPad Air will select IMAP automatically as the default setting of the AOL mail protocol. Whatever the action you take with your AOL mail account on iPad air that is copied on the IMAP server.

While if you know your email folder, you can directly access AOL mail from any location, and you will notice the same folder in your iPad air set up. IMAP is a good deal for the supervision of multiple devices at a time, and it will keep your AOL email synchronized very well.

Click the save confirmation and finish by adding the AOL email account to the iPad air.

Additional Tips AOL Email Account On IPad Air:

Additional Tips AOL Email Account On IPad Air












Manually, you can set up all this on iPhone and iPad mini, etc. Note here how to add the AOL account on iPhone.

iPhone has the same method as the iPad.

So, first of all, go to “settings” and from here tap to “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” or you can even use manual setting according to your ease.

In case of not finding the AOL email setting on iPad or iPhone, check the manual setup and another configuration. Use “” for the incoming mail server and “” for the outgoing mail server.

How complete process is so simple and smart that you can set up an AOL account without any help?

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