How the Right Articles Online Help Social Media Verification?

Social Media Verification

There’s no such thing as bad press but through telling their clients’ stories in high-level publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CBNC, Highkey’s dedicated press release agency has created a credible online presence for them. When these professionally written articles pop up during a cursory Google search, clients not only immediately gain cachet, they have a much better chance of getting their social media to account verified. In conjunction with this, the agency’s social media arm, Highkey Clout giveaways grow their client’s followers by engaging them through social media giveaways.

1. Living the High (Key) Life

Living the High (Key) Life

What began as an Instagram focussed marketing agency, HighKey Agency, has rapidly expanded its offerings to a full-service social media marketing agency specializing in building elite personal brands. What makes this agency so special is the fact that they don’t focus on direct return on investment from the services they provide. All the benefits of having a massive personal brand come from the careful implementation of the high-level content, press, and strategic Instagram growth, which pays the biggest returns in the long run.

2. Stop the Presses!

Stop the presses

Online press and an overall presence on major search engines like Google have become so prevalent because it’s the number one tool for consuming information. Being recognizable on Google is a very important aspect of being trustworthy in any business deal; beginning of relationships with higher-level individuals, and your customer’s perception of you and your business.


To this end, Highkey’s dedicated press release agency crafts the desired narrative and ensures they are published in the right avenues. This is not at the expense of instant gratification however – for this, the agency has Highkey Clout giveaways where clients can see their followers grow practically in real-time.


Highkey Agency CMO, Luke Lintz, cannot stress the importance of the right press as it allows clients to have immediate authority in their field, increase SEO ranking in Google, and provide a much bigger opportunity to get verified. However, many personal brands and businesses lack in the area of online publications and distribution because most people don’t understand how it works and believe that any press takes a very large budget. The simple answer to that it’s not true.


“Companies like ours offer press at practically any budget, but mainly for personal brands that are trying to reach the entire North American market. Our press release agency has relationships with practically every single major distributor across North America, and the press that we are offering has become so popular that we have actually been having to turn down customers, to make sure our teams are not overloaded,” he says.


For brands to get distributions on local or very specific networks it’s as easy as finding the publishers of the networks and pitching them the value of your story and the unique value proposition that you have for them. Hundreds of clients can back up Luke’s claims. Other than their own brands (@lukelintz, @jordanlintz, @highkeyagency, @highkeyco), Highkey has a long list of elite clients like @rickycarruth, @chriscavallini, @claytonmorris and many more that the agency has brought up from very little.


Another effective way of gaining traction online is through social media giveaways which is what the agency has also been investing resources in over the past months. In true Highkey style of never doing anything by halves, Highkey Clout Giveaways are sponsored by huge celebrities and influencers like Kevin Hart, Kyle Kuzma, Jake Paul, and Bella Thorne and prizes include thousands in cash.


3. A Holistic Approach to Growing A Brand

A Holistic Approach to Growing A Brand

Like the ambitious rising stars which Highkey pitches through its press release agency, Luke has dreams of growing HighKey Agency to becoming the number one personal branding agency in the world: “We are doing this by providing our clients with all the services necessary to create an elite personal brand online. This currently involves full-service social media management, content strategy, and press.”


As for HighKey Clout Giveaway, he is gunning for it to be the number one Giveaway Company in the world: “We are doing this by giving away a minimum of $40K every month with our HighKey Clout giveaways, which will be constantly scaling up from this point forward.”


Keep up with HighKey Agency on the company’s Instagram or enter the HighKey Clout giveaway @highkeyclout.

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