How to Get Your Hair Removed Permanently in Lowell, MA

A number of different hair removal techniques have been popular for the past years. Both males and females have hair all over their body except for under the surface of the hands and feet, on the lips and genitalia. Males have thicker hair as compared to females.

Hair removal is usually carried out for cosmetic purposes. However, it can also be done for religious, sexual and hygiene purposes. Some females with excess male hormones grow thick hair on their face which is not common. Permanent hair removal is the best option for all such patients. 

Methods of Hair Removal:

 Following are some methods for permanent hair removal: 

  • Electrolysis: This is the only permanent hair removal technique recognized by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA). In this method, germ cells for hair are permanently destroyed by inserting a fine probe into the hair follicles. A current is applied whose intensity varies with the thickness of hair and area.


  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): this technique is similar to laser treatment but a different wavelength of light is used for it. IPL causes slightly more pain than laser treatment. During this treatment, light is absorbed by the pigments of the hair root which causes shrinkage of the hair follicle and ultimately destruction before its eruption. This leads to permanent hair removal. Another limitation of IPL is the skin color, it can only be provided to patients with fair skin color.


  • Laser hair removal: in this technique, a laser beam is targeted on your skin which is absorbed by dark pigment in the hair follicles. This light energy destroys the hair follicle without causing much discomfort. It is a hair reduction method which can result in near-permanent hair removal if multiple sessions are taken. The number of sessions required varies with the number, thickness, and area of distribution of hair. Four to six sessions at the gap of one month to six weeks are usually enough for permanent hair reduction. It works best for light-skinned people with dark hair but we have acquired most modern laser equipment and now we can extend these treatments to our patients with darker complexions.

Hair removal treatment in indigenous and Hispanic skin needs special understanding and consideration and requires careful adjustment of laser equipment. In our office, all such treatments are provided only after a physician has seen patients and treatment is planned carefully for these treatments to be safe and avoid complications like laser-induced skin burns, etc.

Hair Removal Center Lowell, MA:

We provide you with a near-permanent solution for your unwanted hair. Full-body hair removal is provided at our facility. We offer you permanent hair removal under expert supervision and in a safe and comfortable environment. Contact us to book an appointment! 

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