SEO Slant on Content Readability vs. Quality of Content

SEO is the pivotal point in digital marketing. Content goes pro to SEO focal points. Content is categorized though. Sometimes readability of content impacts. Sometimes the quality of content becomes integral. Both have different strategies. They depend upon website authority and its audience.

Role of Content in SEO

Content is the backbone of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good content surely helps in drawing SEO strategy. It improves page ranking. It improves the website authority. In every aspect of SEO, the content has a pivotal role.

What is more effective for SEO? Readability of content or Quality of Content? Both paradigms have their own importance. Websites with winsome authority prefer the quality of content. Because they already have a knowledgeable audience.

They are educating the audience with quality content. They cater to the audience’s interests very efficiently. On the other hand, readability is a paradigm defined for SEO. Readability brings the audience’s interest in the article.

The more readable article is more interesting too. The more readable article is the most read article too. But quality and readability have a very different interpretation. Quality sometimes includes a complex piece of information. It contains difficult narrations too. Both things go opposite of the readability. Because readability means simplistic content as it can be.

No matter you are writing on 3M Safety Goggles or De-Nuclearization of the planet, readability demands simplistic content. 100 percent Readability and 100 Percent Quality cannot be harnessed simultaneously. Both parameter have a different strategy.

Content Readability & Legibility.

Readability of content is perceived with SEO slant. Content readability is associated with the writing style. Usually, short sentences are easier to read.

No slangs are to be used. Lesser terminologies are to be embedded. Active notions are preferred over passive ones. The structure of the article must be fluent.

It brings fluency in content. Fluency brings readability. Legibility also plays an important role. Great legibility increases the readability. Because legibility increases the prominence in the content. Font size, use of font characteristics, headings, subheading as the structure matter.

  • Short Sentences
  • Short Words
  • Simple Expressions
  • Easier Structure
  • Relevancy
  • Punctuation Friendliness

Readability score can be determined. If the above mentioned parameters are good and in place, the readability score goes higher. Higher legibility leads to higher readability. Readability scores can be derived from the following formula.

Content readability











(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Quality of Content

Quality of content also matters. But what is the quality of content? How can it be achieved? The quality of content isn’t using difficult vocabulary.

The quality of content isn’t using long sentences. The quality of content isn’t using slang or idioms. Quality of content comes from the relevance of content. Quality of content comes from the authenticity of the information.

If it suits the reader’s interests, it brings quality. Are CTAs (Call to Action) in your content very prominent? Is the content structure fully particularized? Is Legibility in your content very prominent? Because these things determine the quality of content. Difficult vocabulary only makes the content hard to read. Quality of content falls into these aspects.

  • Originality of Article
  • Relevance of Content
  • Effective Editing
  • Catering Reader’s Interest
  • Prominence of CTAs
  • Links to Useful Resources
  • Authoritative Website

Test Case of World’s Renowned Websites.

According to a study in which content of Top 100 Websites was analyzed. Top website means top website authority.

What role content played in uplifting the authority of the website? Did the readability of content play the role? Or did the quality of content played the role? The statistics reveal a different story.

Some websites with greater authority had the quality of content on their website. But content has lesser readability of about 50-60%. Some website with greater authority has content on their website with greater readability. As the paradigm of quality was low on these websites.

Another independent Content Analysis was conducted on the World’s top News Website. From Forbes to CNN, BBC, and dozens of others. On analyzing the content, it became clear that the readability of content on these websites was around 40-60%. Why is that? Every topic whether it was President Donald Trump, the readability of content was lesser.

Because these websites have a knowledgeable audience. They aren’t writing for 5th Grade students. They are writing for Working Professionals. They are writing for adults. That’s why the readability score on these websites was relatively low.

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