Contact Lenses Vs Eyeglasses-Which one is Right for You in this COVID-19 Summer

If you want to get rid of eyeglasses and switch to contact lenses, don’t fret, you are like others who want to use contact lenses. Don’t get rid of you have Wiley X Epic glasses because they are safe in wearing for a long time. But when it is said that don’t touch your face because of COVID-19 infections, what will you do with the contact lenses.

With the contact lenses, you have to touch your eyes many times a day for inserting, adjusting, and removing them. Some people wear contact lenses for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. But contact lenses may lead to lenses as keratoconus or sometimes cause the injury of the retina.

However, the important concern is this, which one is right for you. One best solution to ask your eye care doctor about which option you should go to. Despite, you should weigh the pros and cons of both corrective error and then go which appeal you most. Don’t be exhaustive, it’s a simple overview of top likes and dislikes of contact lenses.

A Good Reason to Go with the Contact Lenses:

Contact Lenses

As you know that contact lenses are also available in the same prescription as eyeglasses. In eyeglasses choice, you must try because of a clear vision. On the other hand, when it comes to contact lenses, they also provide a complete visual field regardless of their look.

Moreover, they move with your eyes ball that helps to track direct, fast, and peripheral vision as well. So, switching to contact lenses means you are saying goodbye to the distortion and reflection that you get through eyeglasses.

  • Lenses don’t get water spots or steam up.
  • Offer a wide field of vision
  • Don’t reflect or distort light.

Enjoy an Active Lifestyle:

Active Lifestyle

If you are leading an active lifestyle, go with the contact lenses because they provide you more freedom and flexibility. By wearing them, you can enjoy your active life without any fear of slipping down the eyewear.

Moreover, the contact lenses are less obtrusive and lighter than eyeglasses. So, it means, you can run with full freedom if you are an active participator in sports. On the other hand, they will not pinch your nose or rub with ears. They will not slow down your movement in any situation.

Be come up with more confidence:

Active Lifestyle2

No wonder that Blue Blocker Eyewear helps to make a signature look and style. But contact lenses give you a feel of confidence that how you are looking. Therefore, teens and some children feel dramatically better by wearing them.

Moreover, they don’t hide your natural look of the face like glasses and show off your all eye makeup. Besides, you can wear contact lenses with non-prescription but elegant sunglasses.

Some Bad Reasons to Avoid Contact Lenses:

Avoid Contact Lenses

Despite good things, contact lenses have some bad points as well.

  • Take more time than eyeglasses:

Cleaning and sanitizing of contact lenses is a complicated task and is very inconvenient as well. Besides, the lenses need more care and maintenance than specs. If you are looking for an easy approach, contact lenses are not a suitable choice for you. Moreover, the lenses need more hygiene, and sometimes it becomes difficult to wear them when they don’t adjust the eyeball.

  • Contact lenses are more risk than eyeglasses:

Most of the complications are created by poor maintenance and hygiene. Therefore, they carry more risk than eyeglasses and lead to many serious diseases like blindness because of eye infection. Most contact wearers don’t follow the appropriate instruction and hurt their eyes. Keratitis a serious eye infection that arises because of the improper use of contact lenses. Another significant disadvantage is that contact lenses are more expensive than glasses.

Both positive and negative facts are there, and you have to go with one which you like most.

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